The Excellence of Essential Oils and Vegetable Oils

The philosophy of FINESSENCE is lies on 4 convictions:

1. Nature has offered humanity an incredible treasure of botanical diversity.
By studying it while preserving it, She reveals its secrets to us. We conduct plant research to provide Natural Health Products for All.

2. Developing products that are good for health, well-being and beauty requires that the environment, relationships and choice of natural materials are of high quality, while respecting the use of resources. The development of our supply chains is carried out in an ethical and equitable perspective.

3. The choice of biological quality respects the life of Man and Nature.
It is the responsibility of our company, producers and the various people involved in the quality chain. All FINESSENCE products are 100% organic, certified and controlled.

4. The paths to success are always collective. We also choose to work in a collaborative network and in partnership with producers, scientists, researchers, doctors and SMEs who share the same values. FINESSENCE products are based on a value chain of expertise and contributions to health and the environment.