Guide - Jojoba Precious Oil


The Story :


Jojoba is a shrub plant with very long roots, which can descend up to 30 metres into the soil to find nutrients and moisture. It generally measures between 1 and 2.5 metres and grows in the driest places, which is why it is known as “the gold of the desert”.

Native to Mexico and Arizona, this shrub, whose foliage reminds us of the olive tree, was already cultivated for its oil in the time of the Incas, but also later by the Amerindians. This one, which has rather the texture of a wax, is extracted from the oil seeds of the plant and has a large number of virtues.

Jojoba oil is used in cosmetics for its regulating and nourishing properties. With a composition close to the sebum of the skin, it is recommended in particular for the care of oily and combination skin. Fluid and easy to apply, it penetrates easily and does not leave an oily film on the skin. Finally, it is also indicated for oily and brittle hair.

It seems that its vernacular name “jojoba” comes from an old Mexican word “chohobba”, which meant a beverage containing extracts of this plant used by Native American shamans to predict harvests.







Our Vegetal Oil :



Jojoba oil is an oil extremely rich in waxy esters and unsaponifiables. It has a composition so close to the sebum of the skin and scalp that it has a particular affinity with these parts of the body. Our jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds carefully harvested by our partners in Argentina. Its fragrance is sweet, vegetal, with a very light nutty smell.  



Properties :

  • Prevents dehydration and revitalizes asphyxiated skin
  • Strengthens the hydrolipidic film
  • Regulates the sebum flow of oily skin.
  • Also has healing properties and soothes irritation








Uses :



Face and neck:

apply a few drops evenly to the entire face and neck or to the median area.


Apply to the ends or as a mask over the entire hair 10 minutes before shampooing.








Tips :


For acneic skins, jojoba oil is very effective in synergy with essential oils. Prepare 10 drops of Lavender Aspic essential oil + 10 drops of Tea Tree and 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil. Apply 2 drops of this mixture to the acne pimples in the morning and evening.