Guide - Hazelnut Beauty Oil



The Story : 


A rural and rustic shrub, the hazelnut tree, also called a coudrier or avelinier, is prized for its dried fruit and its consumption. It is a tree of the Betulaceae family that occurs especially in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.

It seems to have existed since the Ice Age, about 400,000 years ago, and the virtues that have been attributed to it since then are many.

Hazelnuts and hazelnuts are both symbols of patience and fertility in many cultures.



Our Vegetal Oil : 


Hazelnut vegetable oil has a particular composition of active ingredients that gives it very pronounced softening and rebalancing properties. Our hazelnut vegetable oil is obtained by cold pressing seeds from Turkey to obtain the best of its properties. Its sweet aroma is characteristic of hazelnut, while its colour is a light yellow to golden.








  • Softening (ideal for sensitive or reddening skin)
  • Rebalancing for combination skin
  • Nourishing






Uses : 


Face & Neck :

Apply a few drops evenly.

Body :

As a moisturizer or in massage.







Tips : 


Ideal as a facial lotion: Mix 1 drop of Rosat Geranium essential oil with 4 drops of Hazelnut Oil. Apply this lotion to the face in the evening at bedtime.