Guide - Frankincense Horn of Africa EO


The Story  :


The Frankincense is generally between 3 and 6 metres high, has bushy foliage and white flowers, sometimes pale pink. When its bark splits naturally or is incised by hand, a milky white gum-resin flows from the trunk: it is the resin from which the essential oil is extracted, and also what is called olibanum resin.

The name incense comes from the Latin “incensum” which refers to any material burned in sacrifice and offering. “Olibanum” refers to the oleoresin that flows from the incised shaft.

The term incense refers to several types of aromatic material to be burned. We find sandalwood, copal, and many others. Frankincense, derived from Boswellia trees, has long been used for religious ceremonies, initiation rites and coronations.

This resin, its incense and its smell have always been assimilated to the divine and to communication with the afterlife, amplifying its rarity in the eyes of the world. Frankincense was once a more precious and coveted product than gold.





The Plant :



The Olibanum is a tree that can be found in up to 6 meters high. We have carefully selected the purest extracts from the Boswelia carterii incense tree in Somalia. It is the variety that produces the most sought-after essential incense oil, particularly for its superior properties and rarity. Frankincense essential oil has a warm and spicy, woody, resinous and slightly lemony scent.


Properties :


  • promotes relaxation and harmony
  • Relaxing
  • Suitable for skin problems.





Uses :



In infusion: For its soothing and relaxing properties. It also has detoxifying properties.

To do this, mix 3 to 4 drops in a litre of warm, non-boiling water. Indeed, water that is too hot tends to evaporate the essential oil too quickly and could also degrade the essential oil and its components, making it less effective. It is important to dilute the essential oil in honey or on a sugar cube which you will then add in warm water, in order to unify the mixture. Once your preparation is done, you can enjoy your tea for a moment of relaxation, at any time of the day.

Atmospheric diffusion: To clean and purify the atmosphere of your home, but also to create a relaxing atmosphere and thus perfume a room.

Depending on the diffusers and the size of the room, pour between 5 and 30 drops, and allow 30 minutes for a large room and about 15 minutes for a bedroom. In all cases, comply with the instructions for the device used.

In cosmetics: In particular, it soothes problem skin and dermatoses, which is also beneficial in massage.

Carterii Incense essential oil is used very diluted in a rich vegetable oil to solve skin problems. Pour 4 drops of essential oil for 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil of your choice and massage gently into the area concerned.





Tips :


To purify and clean a new place of residence or work, spread essential oil of Incense in each room by opening doors and cupboards.