Guide - Clary Sage EO


The Story :


Known since 800 BC in Europe, clary sage is robust, very aromatic, it is a herbaceous perennial with a musky scent, which grows on dry and sunny soils but is sensitive to the cold. It is characterized by large, heart-shaped oval leaves, grey, with a velvety appearance on a thick stem. Its large flowers are pink, purple, sometimes bluish and form a floral ear.

Sage has long been recognized as a healing plant. In the Middle Ages, clary sage was nicknamed “light eye” because it was believed to have a power in the treatment of the eyes.

In the Bible, sage is mentioned as one of the herbs that Solomon used to purify his temple. Priests, alchemists and healers in Europe and Asia thought that this plant made it possible to better distinguish good from evil and to develop maturity and wisdom. Considered a treasure of the gods, it was used to ward off spirits. In the 18th century, dried sage leaves were rolled instead of tobacco.






The Plant :

Clary Sage is a large herbaceous plant measuring between 50cm and 1m50. We have selected extracts of Sage carefully harvested in France in order to offer an oil of remarkable quality. Clary Sage Essential Oil gives off a subtle, floral scent, but sometimes closer to the earth and moss.




  • In infusion it is favourable to the silhouette
  • To be diffused it is purifying and purifying
  • Diluted in Vegetable Oil, to be used for invigorating massages and heavy legs.







Uses :


In infusion: For its detoxifying properties and to facilitate digestion.

To do this, mix 3 to 4 drops in a litre of warm, non-boiling water. Indeed, water that is too hot tends to evaporate the essential oil too quickly and could also degrade the essential oil and its components, making it less effective. It is important to dilute the essential oil in honey or on a sugar cube which you will then add in warm water, in order to unify the mixture. Once your preparation is done, you can enjoy your tea for a moment of relaxation, at any time of the day.

Atmospheric diffusion: To clean and purify the atmosphere of your interior, but also to create a refreshing atmosphere and thus deodorize a room.

Depending on the diffusers and the size of the room, pour between 5 and 30 drops, and allow 30 minutes for a large room and about 15 minutes for a bedroom. In all cases, comply with the instructions for the device used.

In cosmetics: In cosmetics, it is used to solve problems of heavy legs, cellulite and water retention.

Clary Sage essential oil is used very diluted in a rich vegetable oil to perform a draining and invigorating massage. Pour 4 drops of essential oil for 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil of your choice and massage gently into the area concerned.







Tips :


To stimulate creativity, inspire creators, give courage, prepare the following mixture for diffusion and massage: 20 drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil, 20 drops of Incense and 50 drops of Orange. Put a few drops in a diffuser or a perfume burner. To put in the work piece. In a 10 ml bottle of hazelnut oil, add 20 drops of the mixture, apply three drops to the solar plexus, the hollow of the neck and the center of the palm of both hands.


Caution: Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and small children, as well as in hormone-dependent cancerous pathologies and mastoses (because estrogen stimulant). Do not ingest with iron-based drugs.