Guide - Cinnamon Bark EO


The Story : 


The cinnamon tree is always green, with white to greenish-white cluster flowers and small purple berry fruits.

From the Latin canula (in the shape of a cylinder) derived from the classic Latin canna (reed). Its clustered flowers are white to greenish in colour and its fruits are small purple berries.

Cinnamon is one of the spices exported from the East and has been used for 4000 years. Renowned for its fortifying and purifying properties, its presence is mentioned in traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia books written 2800 years ago by Emperor Shen-Nung.

In the Bible, cinnamon is also found as a component of the “sacred balm”. The Egyptians already used it for embalming their dead, and it is very important in Tibetan medicine, which refers to it as shing tsa (heating active ingredient).




The Plant : 



The cinnamon tree is a tropical tree 10 to 15 meters high. Its evergreen leaves are oblong and of a beautiful bright green, and have three characteristic parallel veins. We have carefully selected the best extracts of this tree in Madagascar, one of its original lands. Its essential oil gives off a woody and spicy scent.


Properties :


  • Ideal for concentrated and spicy culinary flavours
  • To be diffused for a warm and spicy fragrance





Uses : 


In infusion: For its tonic and digestive properties, it also has aphrodisiac properties.

To do this, mix 3 to 4 drops in a litre of warm, non-boiling water. Indeed, water that is too hot tends to evaporate the essential oil too quickly and could also degrade the essential oil and its components, making it less effective. It is important to dilute the cinnamon essential oil in honey or on a sugar cube which you will then add in warm water, in order to unify the mixture. Once your preparation is done, you can enjoy your tea for a moment of relaxation, at any time of the day.

Atmospheric diffusion: To clean and purify the atmosphere of your home, but also to create an energizing and invigorating atmosphere.

Depending on the diffusers and the size of the room, pour between 5 and 30 drops, and allow 30 minutes for a large room and about 15 minutes for a bedroom. In all cases, comply with the instructions for the device used.





Tips : 

During the cold season, but also when the relational atmosphere is cold, it is good to prepare a mixture of Cinnamon Essential Oil 20% bark with 80% Orange to diffuse (20 drops in an electric diffuser or in a candle perfume burner). This Christmas smell warms the body and mind.

Caution: Cinnamon Essential Oils are very powerful and irritating when used pure on the skin, they should always be diluted in 1% vegetable oil for the face and 2% for the body. Avoid in children under 6 years old and pregnant women.