Finessence Expertise

Finessence is first and foremost the encounter of two committed men, Rodolphe Balz, aromatherapist, and David Lorenzi, doctor of pharmacy. Two generations, two men of the earth and two men of science.

Both share the conviction that nature inspired by man’s benevolent intelligence is the guarantee of everyone’s well-being in a collective destiny that respects both the planet and living things.

Finessence is a collection of very high quality products designed to initiate and support today’s men and women in their experience of essential oils, for a better well-being and a better life. Finessence is committed to providing the best of essential oils: choice of the best origins, vintages and terroirs, selection of the best batches, development of sustainable partnerships with producers to offer 100% organic and natural essential oils.

Finessence’s policy therefore ensures constant and demanding quality, both conscientious and systematic. It ensures the level of excellence of our essential oils, the foundation of our aromatherapy requirements. Finessence is about ethical and scientific values driven by a humanistic message: love and respect for plants, scientific imperative in the service of vital well-being, ethical commitment and the quest for natural harmony.

Finessence is committed to valorising natural diversity, developing products with complex and rigorously controlled formulas while respecting the earth and people. With the desire to inform you clearly and transparently, Finessence supports you in the use of essential oils in a dual requirement of efficiency and pleasure.