Guide - Rosehip Precious Oil


The Story :


The shrub can reach 2.5 m high and 2.5 m wide. The pink or white flower of the Andes Cordillera resembles the flower of the rosehip of which it is in fact a close cousin.

This wild plant likes rain and cold. The stem and branches are very thorny; the leaves have an intense apple smell. The oval-shaped berries are green then orange, before becoming red at maturity.

The musk rose was brought to Chile by the Spanish conquistadors. The thorny bushes, 2m high, were initially intended to protect the houses of the Spanish settlers.







Our Vegetable Oil :


Description: Rosehip vegetable oil has an original chemical composition that gives it important skin properties. Our Rosehip oil is extracted from seeds carefully harvested by our partners in Chile. Its fragrance is sweet, vegetal, with a very light hazelnut smell.



  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Excellence tensor care








Uses :



Face & Neck :

Apply a few drops evenly to the entire face and eye area.







Tips :


Ideal as a night cream, mix 75 ml of musk rose oil, 4 drops of Damask essential oil, 2 drops of Rosehip essential oil. apply this preparation every evening and let it penetrate well.  This preparation will give your skin a boost of radiance.