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Smart diffuser with 1 essential oil capsule with nebulizing technology for clean, pressure-based diffusion. No need for water refill or cleaning, just plug in essential oil bottle and diffuse.

Pure and smooth aromatherapy diffusion without adding heat, water or other ingredients, which preserves the quality of your essential oil. Perfect companion for urban dwellers, get more out of your Aromeo diffuser by scheduling aroma diffusion the way you want it - whether to turn off after you go to bed, start diffusing before you get home, make the aroma stronger or milder based on your mood - all from your mobile app.

    Pioneer of Nebulizing Smart Aromatherapy Technology:

  • Pure Diffusion Technology
  • Waterless, pressure-based essential oil diffusion based on nebulizing air pressure.

  • Delightful App
  • Aromeo app not only serves as a controller for the diffuser to remotely diffuse or schedule aromatherapy sessions, but also as a lifestyle companion with suitable music and illustration.

  • Benefits:
  • - Compatible with 5ml,10ml and 15ml bottles

    - No need to use water or heat

    - Detachable nozzle

    - 3 intensity levels: Low, Medium, High

    - Can be controlled with button or Aromeo App

    - Rechargeable battery of 6 hours

    - With USB & Wall Plug

    - Suitable for both room & car

Use pure essential oils only.
  • Keep away from children.


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